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How to create a Job Board website using WordPress ?

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system. It can be used to manage a variety of content and not just blogs. In this post, we’ll explain how to create a Job Board website using WordPress.


This post assumes that you have installed WordPress in your domain and can log in to your admin panel.

WP Job Manager

WordPress, in its core, is a posts management system. It allows you to create posts and assign categories, tags to each post that you create. Its open-source nature has allowed developers to develop plugins that would extend this primary feature into creating more sophisticated management systems like, for example, a Job Board. 

WP Job Manager is precisely that kind of plugin that extends posts into jobs allowing WordPress users to create a Job Board website using WordPress. WP Job Manager is currently managed by Automattic, the same team that built WordPress. Hence we can say it has a stable code base and effective support system.

Installing WP Job Manager

  • To install WP Job Manager, you need to navigate to Plugins > Add New screen in your WordPress admin panel. 
  • Once you are there, type the keyword “WP Job Manager” in the “Search plugins…” input field.
  • WordPress would now search and return the results for the keyword you’ve inputted. 
  • Find the WP Job Manager by Automattic ( has 100,000+ active installations as of writing this post ) and click on the Install Now button to install the plugin.
  • You should now click on the Activate button to activate the plugin installed.

Setting up WP Job Manager

After activation of WP Job Manager, your admin panel in WordPress has a new menu item called Job Listings. On activation, you are redirected to a new Setup Wizard. The setup wizard creates 3 new pages that are required to manage your Job Board. They are :

  • Post a Job – The Jobs Submit Form Page. It has the [submit_job_form] shortcode.
  • Job Dashboard – Page to manage user jobs. It has the [job_dashboard] shortcode.
  • Jobs – The Job listings page that lists all the jobs posted to your website. It has the [jobs] shortcode.

You can also create these pages manually and add these shortcodes. Once you’ve published these pages, you’ll have to let WP Job Manager know these pages from Job Listings > Settings > Pages setting page.

You are good to go…

We now have a working website that functions as a Job Board with WordPress and WP Job Manager. An employer can post a job and manage jobs that he/she had posted. A candidate can browse through the job search form as well as job filters and can apply for a job through the method specified by the employer. 

We can take your Job Boards website a notch up with WP Job Manager compatible WordPress themes like Jobhunt and Front. These themes give your website a stunning look and extend the primary functions of WP Job Manager to a higher level.